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All Licensed Crapemyrtle Growers By State Just Licensed Liner Growers Tags/Labels for Crapemyrtles    
Dynamite® Crapemyrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
'Whit II' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent # 10296.  Chosen as one of  the "
2002 Arkansas Select Plants"
This is the first true red tree form crapemyrtle. Cherry red flowers in full sun and hot conditions. (Clouds or shade will reduce red intensity and flecks of white may appear.) New growth is crimson, then green. Upright form to 15 feet. High mildew resistance but may develop anthactnose (yellowing leaves) under severe conditions.
Pink Velour® Crapemyrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
'Whit III' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent # 10319.   Selected as one of  the "2003 Oklahoma Proven" and winner of the 2007 Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's "Gold Medal Plant Award".
Pink Velour® has shrill pink flowers and distinct dark wine foliage which peaks in the spring.  Large shrub or small tree of 12 feet or more.  High mildew resistance. Very showy foliage provides wine landscape color before blooming.
Raspberry Sundae® Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit I' Cultivar U.S. Plant Patent # 10297
Raspberry Sundae® has raspberry red flowers with white margins.  New growth is bronze, then medium green.  Upright, nearly columnar from to 15 feet.  Moderate mildew resistance.  Somewhat fragrant.  Best fall color or 'Whit' Series.
Tightwad Red® Crapemyrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
'Whit V' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent # 11312
Tightwad Red® is the first true dwarf crapemyrtle with "Madder red" flowers (lighter under cool, cloudy conditions.) Flowers are sterile and produce no distracting seed pods. Plants grow as a dense half-circle mound with little or no pruning required. The low mound form continues with age. New leaves are wine/red quickly changing to purplish green, then to dark steely green. Leaves are about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of normal crapemyrtle. High mildew resistance.
Red Rocket® Crapemyrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
'Whit IV' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent # 11342
Cherry red flowers with hot, sunny conditions. Like Dynamite®, also loses red intensity and may fleck white when cool and cloudy. New growth is crimson, then dark green. Upright form to 15 feet.  Fastest growing 'Whit' red.  High mildew and anthractnose resistance.  Huge flower clusters up to 24" tall.  May repeat bloom more than Dynamite®.
Burgundy Cotton® Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit VI' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent #14438 P2
White flowers with yellow stamens, but pinkish under cool conditions. New growth is wine, then wine/green when flowering.  Broad, upright growth, reaching 5 feet or more in one growing season.  Mature height may reach 12 feet. High mildew resistance.  Flowers early July and continues until first frost. Showy burgundy flower buds. 

Read Steve Coppedge's article "Summer Show-Offs" from the April 2007 Today's Garden Center Magazine about Burgundy Cotton®  and Rhapsody in Pink®

Steve Owens' Shrub Profile "Burgundy Cotton® Crapemyrtle" from Oklahoma Gardener, September 2007

Siren Red® Crapemyrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
'Whit VII' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent # 14975 P3
"Oxblood red" flowers are distinctly darker red than Dynamite® or Red Rocket®.  Darkness/intensity of red is less effected by cool, cloudy conditions.  New growth is wine, then quickly changes to dark green.  The slowest grower of the 'Whit' reds but may reach 3 feet in one growing season in a 3-5 gallon container. May reach 10 feet at maturity.    High mildew resistance.  Darkest red flowers yet. 
Rhapsody in Pink® Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit VIII' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent #16616
The first of the Play it Again® Collection. Reblooms on same panicle. Soft pink flowers.  New growth is almost purple and persists most of the season.  Upright form to 12 feet. High mildew resistance. Distinctly unique landscape appearance with soft pink flowers against nearly purple foliage. Sterile.
Double Feature® Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit IX' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent
The second in the Play It Again® Collection. Unique phenomenon where it continues to rebloom on same panicle, without requiring new growth of a new shoot.  Sterile, ruby red flowers and exceptionally early flower production. Unique growth habit and size, larger than true dwarf cultivars, but not likely to exceed 6 to 8 feet after many years.
Cranberry Punch® Hardy Hibiscus
Hibiscus moscheutos
'Whit XX' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent # 15091 P2
4 to 5" Oxblood red flowers with very dark green foliage with red veins.  Dwarf which grows as a dense mound 24 to 30" under Central Oklahoma conditions. Drought tolerant but supplemental watering increases flowering under stressful conditions. Flowers best in full sun.
Easy Street® Lacebark Elm
Ulmus parvifolia
'Whit XXX' Cultivar
Plant Patent Applied For
Develops a central leader with strong branch angles. Exceptionally strong wood which has tolerated extreme wind and ice conditions.  Clean, dark green foliage.  Attractive bark, which develops at about 2 1/2 to 3" in diameter.
City Slicker® River Birch
Betula Nigra
'Whit XXV' Cultivar
U.S. Plant Patent #16573 P3
Creamy-white bark during late summer, fall, and winter which develops early, when most stems are about 1.0" in diameter.  Moderately sized dark green leaves that turn gold in fall. Exhibits good vigor and drought tolerance under Oklahoma conditions.  Hardy in USDA Zones 5 through 9.

NM Pro March 2007